Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dr. Sam Vaknin

Recently I received an email from someone in Canada. Not uncommon but the WARNING was. Let me explain.

In 2005 when I was busy getting divorced from my husband of 13 years, 15 by the time the divorce actually went through, I was in a place that I call hell on earth. This was my 3rd marriage and the second abusive one. I had everything materially but I had no understanding of why I had married two abusive men without realising right from the beginning. Well I did, but that is all in my book, which incidental you can still order from me if you want a copy.

During the divorce I did every single thing possible to find out more about Domestic Violence. I wanted to understand the victim and the perpetrator. I went on line daily and searched websites for information and in the process I came across a book called MALIGNANT SELF LOVE written by Dr. Sam Vaknin. His website had every single thing I ever wanted to know about NPD Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Co-Dependence, and much more. I bought the book and believe me when I say FINALLY after two abusive step fathers and two abusive husbands I found all the answers I had been searching for. NO therapist had ever told me about this NPD or even suggested that I was married to men who were Narcissists. Being narcissistic is one thing, being a narcissist is something quite different.
I contact Dr. Sam and told him I was writing a book and asked him if he would write the Introduction which he agreed to do free of charge.

The email I received recently was from someone who had been on my website and she contacted me to warn me not to get too close to Dr. Sam as he is a psycopath. I reassured her that he lives in Macedonia and I live in South Africa so there was little chance of me getting close to him. I also explained my connection to him and how incredibly helpful he had been during my long ordeal to escape for good from all the abuse I had experienced throughout my life. This person gave me a link to this interview with Dr. Sam and I thought I would share it with you, for you to make up your own mind about him and his knowledge of NPD. I hope that you find the same breakthrough that I did and many others who I have referred to his website.