Monday, September 29, 2014

The book I wrote in 2007 is still available. Please buy a copy and stand firm on ABUSE IS NO EXCUSE. Often people say to me, 'you need to move on with your life', well the truth is I have moved on, but one can never forget, being raped, sexually abused, beaten over and over again through ones life. One just tries to live the best we can. I chose to write a book, do public speaking and work with other victims but that is not right for everyone.

Recovery from PTSD

Painting Cats - Fight, Flight, Freeze, Submit, Attach.

FOR those of you who visit or have been following this blog for some time, I see a Dr. Annemarie Norvello who specialises in TRAUMA.  I have SUFFERED with CPTSD for a hundred years, well that's what it feels like anyway.
The response as we know to extreme stress is FIGHT, FLIGHT, FREEZE, SUBMIT, ATTACH.
Dr. Annemarie absolutely loves cats which is why I decided to do these paintings for her.