Tuesday, November 12, 2013

LOOK ME IN THE EYE - Second Edition

The second edition of my book is now available. Please click on the AMAZON LINK.
Incase you are interested, for those who know me and know my love of art and my intense interest in the meaning of everything, the flower on the cover of my new book is called a Blushing Bride. The flower is part of the South African Protea family. The flower of this plant only blossoms in September and it is a difficult flower to find in florists. It is my most favourite of all flowers. The petals are tissue thin, it's exquisitly beautiful and delicate it resembles a beautiful slightly pink wedding dress.
When the flower is out of water it makes a beautiful dried flower, but ... when dried the tissue paper thin petals become quite brittle and the ends of the petals become tiny thorns.

Weddings, Oh the wedding. That one special day our lives are changed forever. If only things remained as happy in the future as they were on that day - but abuse turns the softness of our hearts into thorns.
Interesting thought, I was married in September to a man who brutalized my soul.
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  1. The book is so awesome--I am so glad women here in the US will have easy access to it. This book should be required for every woman in the world. I hated when it ended because I just felt so much a part of your life. You are truly a sister in pain.