Saturday, March 24, 2012

Food for thought

The one who fears him the most, is the one who he favours, because that is the person who he can control.

When we sometimes wonder why certain people cannot see through the abuser, his charm, his lies.... we need to ask ourselves does this person fear him and his power? If not fear his power are they taken in with his charisma and his public persona?

So when the abuser is able to continue life, as though nothing was wrong and and other people he might be involved with are charmed by him, try to remember that abusers have to control their environment and the person who they can control will be their favourite person in the moment, be they client, friend or girlfriend.

* We refer to 'him' because for the most part it is men who we are referring to. That does not mean to say that there are not women out there who do not manipulate in the same way.

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