Tuesday, October 2, 2012

For My Children

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For my children
i cringe from the memories you left
the things you made me see
a tiny body
an innocent
you sought to destroy
to break me
to reign me in

i had failed to protect them
from your malice
i had failed to protect myself
from your hatred

my children
forgive me
my daughter
i tried to stop him

my soul
i'm sorry
for bending you
beyond breaking

i will confront him
i will stand in front of judge and jury
and his golden face
will make me a lair
but i know
that in my home
you live like kings
and you fear nothing

no more
will i lie awake,
and wonder if i will live through the night
never again
will i sell my heart so cheap

and as alone i may be
a cold bed
or worth more
than warm grave
i had been married to an abusive man
he tried to kill my kitten to teach me a lesson
she is alive and healthy, and living like a goddess in my home

abuse is real, and the only way it will end, is if people become involved, dont avert your eyes, dont turn a deaf ear. you can save a life.

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