Saturday, February 9, 2013

Chapters from LOOK ME IN THE EYE

The things you find on the internet ! If you would like to read a couple of chapters from my book LOOK ME IN THE EYE you can find them here. Although my book is no longer available in stores here in South Africa someone told me the other day that she got a copy on Etsy, who would have known. I believe you can also get them on Amazon second hand books.
But if you can't find a copy we still have stock. Click on the PAY PAL button on the right.

My story is just one of thousands, women all over the world have contacted me in the past 8 years and the similarity of our stories is astonishing. The most wonderful news for you, is that one day, you will get your life back, you will be happy and he will not even be a memory in your distant past.

There was a time in my own life when my ex was second to God if not sometimes first, he no longer features in my thoughts, my conversations or my nightmares... he has ceased to exist. I share my story not to make money from my troubled past but to shine a light for those still in darkness and denial.

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