Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wonderful Testimony

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I have people contacting me from my website often. Most of them are in abusive relationships and they are needing some kind of support. Some people ask how to go about getting a restraining order and others just want to know if they will be able to make it on their own. I do my best to give advice and comfort where I can and more practical advice if they need it like referring them to therapists or legal stuff.
About a year ago a young lady contacted me and she told me her story, not unsimilar to most of the stories I hear, but I could hear by the tone of her emails that she really did want help and she really did want to end it. We communicated for some time. She has a son and at the time didn't have a car or a job, so financially she was in a very bad place.
I don't dig around in peoples lives by contacting them if they don't keep in touch with me. But every now and again I will email someone just to see how they are doing. In this case I contacted this lady a couple of days ago to see how things were going. She contacted me straight back to thank me so much for the support I had given her at the time she contacted me. She now has a job, the abusive relationship long gone. She has bought herself a little car her son is happy and she is with her first love, if I can say that. He is someone she knew a very long time ago. He has a daughter and he recently proposed to her. I could just hear the excitement and happiness in her email.

That is what makes the work I do so rewarding and worth while. I pray that God will continue to bless her and that she and her fiance will be happy together. She tells me he is so opposite to her abusive boyfriend, he is kind and caring towards both her and her son. I wish them well.

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