Saturday, December 15, 2012

Day Fifteen


Derek Rydall is an actor, song writer, script writer and so much more. He is also the founder of the program THE LAW OF EMERGENCE. I thought I would share some of his wisdom today. We all know about the Law of Abundance from the well publicised book The Secret. Derek has a different theory and that is that with the Law of Abundance we are always coming from a position of lacking in the things we really dream about and wish for in life.
THE LAW OF EMERGENCE is about having everything we could ever want and finding ways to prepare the conditions that are perfect for us to receive and manifest what is in our destiny.
I highly recommend that you go to his website and read up on this, it all makes perfect sense and I believe it could change your life.
I am working with his program at the moment and of all the modalities I have studied over the years this makes the most sense to me.
When I saw this picture above on a website today it made me think of exactly what he teaches, we can pull ourselves up from the inner core of our being and live the lives we want and deserve, leaving the old self behind and becoming who we know we really are.
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