Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day Ten

One of the greatest gifts anyone can give to you is ACCEPTANCE. Think about this. No one in history has had or ever will have your finger prints, no one will ever have your DNA... now digest that for a moment. If that doesn't make you believe in your uniqueness, fearfully and wonderfully made, than I don't know what will. That is amazing information.
Now that you know this is true, how can anyone anywhere in the world be you? So, you have a contribution to make into this world, the world needs you, your experience and your love, don't throw it away.
Abuse is nothing more than a lesson, that we have chosen. When we spend our entire energy thinking about what someone else is doing to us, we miss the opportunity of growing into everything we are meant to be. If we can just stop for a moment and ask ourselves the question...not he is doing this or that... but rather... what am I supposed to be learning in all of this?
When we can ask that question we shift the energy of defensiveness into the energy of openness. Why would anyone want to spend their lives protecting themselves, holding back, shutting off, shutting out? You know that you deserve more. To receive love you have to be willing to give it and how can you give it when someone is abusing you.

My message to you today, is to ask the question, 'what do you think you deserve?'. Write down 10 things that you think you deserve in a relationship, and then ask yourself, 'Do I honour the people around me with the same love and respect that I expect from them?'
If you can answer yes to that question is it possible that your lesson is to say NO to the people who don't honour and respect you in the same way. Only you can bring about the change.

Love and respect the person you are, if you have done and said things you are not proud of, ask for forgiveness and don't forget to forgive yourself, but don't live with guilt it will destroy relationships.

Have a happy, loving day :o)

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